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Delta Clinic

Located in the City of Fountains

520 East 63rd Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64110
(816) 361-8900

      Delta Clinic is dedicated to transforming patients, helping them move from sickness, pain, and disease to total health.  Using an eclectic approach, this is accomplished by quality attention to the patient's nervous system - the body, mind, and spirit - knowing these elements to be intimately interconnected and interdependent.

      The name Delta Clinic was selected because delta is the symbol for change in the scientific world.  And, changing the patient for the better is what Delta Clinic is all about.

      At Delta Clinic there is a profound acknowledgement of the Divine as an inseparable part of all our lives and human processes - including healing.  Indeed, there is a reverent dedication by staff to the Innate Intelligence - that inborn wisdom - in the human body.

      It is our experience that intelligently guided change is Functional Divinity.  By that we mean to acknowledge that Change, as a principle, is the only sure constant in our world - the only permanence.

      We further experience the onset of increasing coherence in the human psychophysiology as clear evidence of our accomplishing an increasing closeness and attunement with Almighty Nature.  Coherence is the foundation of health, as incoherence is the structural allowance that invites sickness, disease and unhappiness into our lives.

      We affirm that Bliss Consciousness is the natural state of all healthy human beings . . . and their a priori responsibility to our planet.  A proper form of health care must nourish the patient's onward march towards Bliss as their full-time experience in day-to-day life.

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